Who We Are

Our products are developed by cyber experts, for cyber experts. We know firsthand what it means to protect high-risk organizations and manage complex incidents across IT and industrial control networks. We are a subsidiary of Elbit Systems (NASDAQ: ESLT), one of the top-30 global providers of defense technologies. We use our experience and our field-proven cybersecurity technologies to create products that help organizations detect and instantly respond to cyber incidents, and maximize their security teams’ efficiency.

Our Purpose

The shortage of skilled security professionals is becoming a critical industry risk. New, signature-less threats are introduced daily, targeting IT as well as OT and IoT systems. Understaffed SOC teams are struggling to master multiple tools, each one solving a niche problem, attempting to detect, investigate, and respond to threats hit before they reach critical systems. We’ve formed Cyberbit because we believe that security teams and MSSPs need a unified, analytics driven product portfolio for managing the entire incident lifecycle from detection to response, and to train in the most realistic settings possible, so they can maximize their efficiency and minimize time-to-response.

What We Do

Our portfolio focuses on the SOC team, providing it with enhanced analytics for automating, correlating and responding instantly to signature-less, IT/OT attacks. Our products collect, analyze and synthesize data to detect advanced threats and respond to incidents across both IT networks and ICS/SCADA networks. We use big-data, behavioral analysis, and machine learning to analyze terabytes of data, produce better and faster insights and accelerate incident response.  Our integrated product suite includes EDR for endpoint detection, forensics and response, SOC 3D for SOC automation orchestration and investigation, SCADAShield for ICS/SCADA security, visibility and continuity, and the Cyberbit Range platform for simulating security incidents to train and onboard security teams using their own virtualized networks and toolsets. Our products are widely deployed in sensitive and hybrid networks in the public and private sector organizations and with MSSPs in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Cyber Simulation Leaders

Cyberbit is the global leading provider of Cyber Range simulation platforms for training security teams in hyper-realistic scenarios. The Cyberbit Range was developed by teams that built flight simulators for air forces around the world. Driven by the global shortage in cybersecurity professionals, the Range is rapidly adopted by service providers, universities, and large enterprises as the de-facto platform for training and onboarding cybersecurity professionals in numerous countries around the globe. By using the Cyberbit Range our customers also virtualize large scale networks and security infrastructures to test their networks’ resilience, their incident response playbooks and their security tools.

MSSP Focus

With the growing need for managed security services, Cyberbit’s products are designed with service providers in mind. MSSPs use our products to increase monthly recurring revenues with a differentiated offering, streamline their operation and improve customer retention. Our products are designed for multiple deployment models including co-managed and virtual SOCs. Cyberbit’s products are easy for MSSPs to use, report on, and rebrand, and offer convenient and flexible licensing models.


Global Presence

We are passionate about providing the best possible service to our customers, wherever they are. We’ve therefore opened offices in Israel, the US, Germany, and Singapore, with multiple representatives in additional locations across the US, Asia, and Europe. As a result, Cyberbit understands the specific needs of our customers in each region and provides exceptional quality account management and support across our global customer base.


Our Team

Cyberbit has assembled an exceptional interdisciplinary team consisting of cyber intelligence researchers hand-picked from elite military units, machine learning experts, ICS/SCADA experts, and former CISOs and SOC managers. Our team combines product expertise with substantial experience in executing large scale integration and projects management methodologies. Together, this experience enables us to understand our customer’s challenges and address them in a broad and integrated approach.

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