Cyberbit and ETA Launch the Cyber Security Training Range of Maryland in Baltimore

Pop quiz: If you were to test your executives on the first steps to fight a cyberattack, would they have a plan? How much prep or cyber security training would they need?  Do they know how to operate the incident response plan?

Numerous new threats thwart IT security systems to gain access to restricted data and workstations. Training for security professionals, who are on the front lines, has never been more important.

Cyberattacks are infiltrating wider throughout organizations, affecting multiple departments and spreading security operations thin. One of the arising challenges for CISOs is collaborating with other executives in the quickest and most effective manner to resolve a security incident. Take a ransomware attack: will your company choose to pay the ransom? With new species of threats cutting time short for victims to respond, what decisions will the CEO and CFO need to make on short notice?

CISOs also struggle with developing and retaining skilled cybersecurity talent, and they’re worried hackers are evolving too quickly for the various business functions to keep up with their sophisticated tactics. The best way to manage all these challenges is through simulation.

To always stay sharp, pilots clock hours of training in flight simulators to prepare for any type of inclement weather or emergency scenario. The same approach is effective for cybersecurity pros, too.

When incidents are cross-functional, training must adjust and extend to multiple job functions involved in incident response decision-making—not just the SOC or the IT department. Following Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s trade visit to Israel this fall, we announced the launch of a new training center in Baltimore in partnership with Electronic Technology Associates (ETA). The center will use Cyberbit’s Cyber Range platform to prepare and educate cybersecurity professionals in protecting assets and infrastructure against cyberattacks. Baltimore is fast becoming a hotbed of cybersecurity activity—its wealth of talent, technology and research makes Maryland a premier location for businesses in the cyber arena, according to Governor Hogan.

The Cyber Security Training Range of Maryland provides a completely different approach to cybersecurity training by instructing all security and business teams that may be involved in a security incident within a realistic environment. This cross-functional approach enlists finance, business, and other positions, which often need to make quick decisions during breaches. Bruce Spector, founder and CEO of ETA, said, “The training center, powered by Cyberbit, will accelerate our local security professionals’ capabilities and improve their ability to confront and respond to today’s advanced attacks.”

The Range has many capabilities that make it the first of its kind in the U.S., such as the dynamic architecture it provides, allowing instructors to customize the training environment to replicate the specific network and security tools trainees use in their daily roles, rather than using a static environment and a predefined set of tools, which may not be the ones trainees actually use at work.

The most important goal of cybersecurity training is to mimic attacks as they would appear during any typical day among normal traffic and business activities. Similar to how fighter pilots train on simulations with their formation, in any type of weather or situation, security pros must also plan for every scenario. This will train your team, as well as any fleet of war zone combatants, and help them ace the final exam. When it comes to your business, there’s zero room for error.

To read more, visit the Cyberbit Range page.

Stephen Thomas is VP Sales North America at Cyberbit

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