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Cyber Ranges India

Cyber Ranges India – Can they Train 3 Million Cybersecurity Pros?

Vaibhav Singhal | Feb 24, 2019

According to Gartner, the cybersecurity market is forecasted to grow by 8.7% to reach the whopping figure of 170 billion $ by the year 2022. Needless to say, cybersecurity can be a very lucrative career option for Indian young talent pool. This is a great opportunity for a country like India, which accounts for 67% of the global outsourcing market. But the road to a prosperous cybersecurity outsourcing market won’t be easy for India and first, we need to find answers to some tough questions like:

Does India have enough cybersecurity professionals to serve global markets?

According to IBM, India requires at least 3 million cybersecurity professionals right now. Currently, there are not even 1 lakh cybersecurity professionals.

Are cybersecurity professionals qualified?

Not really, as there are very few colleges in India providing expert courses of study in cybersecurity. Another concern is universities are still using traditional academic methods, but cybersecurity requires considerable hands-on training to prepare young professionals for the challenges they will meet on the job.  In addition to that, universities also lack seasoned security professionals or instructors who have worked that have real-world experience on vast types of workstations, tools, and incidents to teach the students

Can cyber ranges help India meet this requirement?

Top Indian technical institutes like IITs, NITs, VITs, and State Universities etc. across the country have to provide dedicated cybersecurity programs focused on core industrial methods. The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology needs to create awareness as well amongst youngsters to take up cybersecurity as a career.

Setting up cyber ranges at top-notch universities can be a game changer for developing well-trained entry-level hires. A Cyber range is a virtual environment for cyber training and development that simulates the real experiencing operating security operations during a cyber attack. This is the most efficient way to train young students and also to keep security professionals at the top of their game throughout their career. Cyber ranges were originally developed for elite military cyber intelligence units, who have been using them for roughly a decade. The Range environment is a practice lab that gives trainees an opportunity to experience realistic simulations and develop the hands-on skills and expertise they will need to respond effectively under fire. India can use cyber ranges to train an ‘army’ of cybersecurity professionals to serve the global market demand.

Now, some will argue that there is no need for cyber ranges, as cybersecurity certifications are sufficient? The answer is very obvious that industry certifications do not include hands-on cross-tool training. Much like flight simulators used by pilots, the more realistic the training experience the more effective it is at quickly improving performance and preparing people to respond correctly in high-pressure situations.

Cyber Ranges for India

Cyberbit Range is the most widely deployed Cyber Security Training and simulation platform. The world leading cyber range, Cyberbit range is deployed by many reputed universities like Regent University, Miami Dade College, Baltimore, Metropolitan State University and many more. Cyber Training Package includes Tier 1 & 2 SOC Analysis, Advanced Incident Response, Malware Analysis, Network Forensics, Penetration Testing, Windows Forensics, and Industrial Control Systems Training. Cyberbit Range also has an advanced instructor toolset and a rich catalog of simulated attack scenarios. Cyberbit Range is the right fit for Indian education infrastructure to train and scale their young talent pool to capture the global market.

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