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US Cyber Range

US Cyber Range Map

Nikki Ralston | Aug 26, 2019

Whether you are a student looking for a college program that will give you the hands-on experience you need to launch a successful career; or a CISO that wants to guarantee the SOC team is ready to handle any cyber-attack quickly and effectively – find a US Cyber Range build on the world’s leading Cyberbit Training and Simulation Platform in a city near you.

Cyberbit Range

Institute for Cybersecurity at Regent University

Institute for Cybersecurity at Regent University

The world-class facility provides hands-on cybersecurity training and simulation platforms with real-time attack scenarios and security breaches for Regent students seeking to fill the projected 6 million job openings in the cybersecurity field by 2019.

The Institute for Cybersecurity at Regent University will also serve as a training center for local businesses, governmentת and military organizations, and features customizable capabilities to meet every industry’s data protection needs. The institute features a large scale, live-fire, cyber simulation platform, executive management workshops, and in-demand commercial cybersecurity certifications.

Click to schedule a tour or hands-on demonstration at the Institute for Cybersecurity at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA.

MN Cyber Range

MN Cyber Range

MN Cyber Range is a world-class training and simulation platform located in St. Paul that uses real-world scenarios and innovative technologies to ensure your cyber defense teams have the knowledge and experience they need to protect crucial information, systems and operations. The MN Cyber Range is a joint venture between Metropolitan State University and the Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence.

Register for an upcoming training session or course at MN Cyber Range

Learn more about cybersecurity degree and certification programs at Metropolitan State University

Cybersecurity Center of the Americas

Cybersecurity Center of the Americas

The Cybersecurity Center of the Americas’ state-of-the-art Cyber Range allows trainees to experience cyberattacks in real-time. Trainees utilize best-in-class security products to defend a network environment under attack from some of the most advanced threats in today’s landscape. The Cyber Range, powered by Cyberbit, an incident response platform, is constantly evolving to ensure trainees are experiencing the latest generation of cyberattacks.

For more information contact:

Cloud Range Cyber

Nashville Cloud Range

Cloud Range leverages the most widely deployed cybersecurity training and simulation platform in the world to allow cybersecurity teams to experience training in a fast-paced, real-world simulated environment while using industry-leading security technologies. Cloud Range delivers onsite or virtual simulation training led by our world-class instructors in our customers’ own training facilities or via remote access no matter where your SOC team members are in the world. They offer a Hosted Cyber Range, and Live Training Courses for enterprise security teams and individuals.

For more information about Cloud Range:

Maine Cyber Range

Maine Cyber Range

The Maine Cyber Range is a state-of-the-art training and simulation center for professionals at large organizations, small to midsize businesses, and government agencies seeking realistic and cutting-edge techniques for defending against malicious cyber-attacks. Typical user groups include information technology, cybersecurity, law enforcement, incident handlers, continuity of operations, as well as cybersecurity educators at high schools and colleges.

Training opportunities include large-scale exercises and capture-the-flag environments. Participants will face live cyber-attacks that will allow them to build their skills on how to best detect, stop, and remediate cybersecurity incidents. The Maine Cyber Range can be used to evaluate an organization’s cyber capability, test new procedures, and train staff. It provides a safe, legal environment to gain hands-on cyber skills for product development and security posture testing.

For more information or to schedule a demo, contact the Maine Cyber Range at

Purdue Cyber Range

Purdue Cyber Range

The Purdue Cyber Range offers both onsite and remote training for cyber professionals ready to become cyber warriors, technical professionals with skills adjacent to cyber-security, and executives with a vested interest in cyber fundamentals. The Purdue cyber Range will also be an integral part of the curriculum for students in the cybersecurity degree programs at Purdue University. “We strive to strike the ideal balance of theory and experiential learning for adult learners already in the workforce. This partnership will enhance that,” said Dan Hirleman, chief officer for corporate and global partnerships and professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue.

For more information about training on the Purdue Cyber Range contact:

Eleven Fifty Academy Cyber Range

What is Eleven Fifty Academy’s Cyber Range and How Does it Work?

Eleven Fifty Academy is a non-profit coding school in Fishers, Indiana offering a range of courses from 2 days to 12 weeks. Focused on helping aspiring developers launch, change, or enhance their careers, Eleven Fifty Academy offers accelerated learning programs in an immersive environment. Courses are designed to give students the practical skills they need to discover and develop their coding abilities.

Anyone in the Fishers, IN area, can register for a FREE introduction to cybersecurity course.

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