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News | Oct 24, 2018

[German] German companies get cybersecurity help from the country under constant threat

Auch immer mehr deutsche Unternehmen entdecken die digitale Kompetenz des Landes – aus gutem Grund, wie Yochai Corem, Vice President beim Technologieanbieter Cyberbit, weiß: „Viele Unternehmen erkennen keine Bedrohung und verweisen auf ihre Firewall oder gehen davon aus, dass ihnen nichts passieren wird.“

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Press Release | Oct 23, 2018

ISP to Provide On-Demand Industrial Control Network Security Assessment with Cyberbit SCADAScan Solution

Cyberbit’s SCADAScan Plug & Scan solution gives critical infrastructure organizations instant insight into their OT networks and exposes security threats.

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News | Oct 22, 2018

Cyberbit Launches SCADAScan Portable ICS Security Assessment Solution

SCADAScan, uses deep packet inspection (DPI) to monitor traffic passing through the ICS/SCADA network and provide a map of assets, as well as information on vulnerabilities and other potential threats.

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News | Oct 17, 2018

[German] Dr. Götz Güttich Interviews Cyberbit’s Tilman Epha at IT-SA

Auf der it-sa 2018 führte Dr. Götz Güttich ein Gespräch mit Tilman Epha, Regional Sales Director Cyberbit.

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News | Oct 15, 2018

Three ways EDR can help financial institutions avoid becoming next Cosmos Bank

Cyberbit VP Products, Edy Almer, shares his advice for how banks in India can prevent future cyber attacks.

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News | Oct 10, 2018

Can EDR Technology Prevent the Next Financial Cyberattack?

Edy Almer, VP Products at Cyberbit, discusses cybersecurity technology for banks and financial institutions.

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News | Oct 5, 2018

Adi Dar Discusses Securing Converging IT.OT.IoT Networks with CISO MAG

CISO MAG had an opportunity to sit down with Cyberbit CEO Adi Dar to discuss pressing cybersecurity issues.

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News | Oct 4, 2018

Why Cyber Range Training and Simulation are Key for Effective Security Operations

Cyberbit CEO Adi Dar urges enterprise security teams to take training more seriously.

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