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Press Release | Nov 15, 2016

Cyberbit launches Channel Program

Creating a profitable opportunity to solve customers’ most critical cyberthreats

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Press Release | Nov 2, 2016

Cyberbit Endpoint Detection and Response Awarded NetworkWorld Asia Readers’ Choice Rising Star Award 2016

Cyberbit EDR acknowledged for its breakthrough approach to endpoint security

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News | Nov 2, 2016

Rising star – Endpoint detection & response solution

Awarded to the up-and-coming vendors who are growing quickly in size and influence

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News | Oct 28, 2016

Cyberbit Range Offers Simulated Attack Training

The Cyberbit Range has ridden onto the scene to provide lifelike simulation for security operations trainees – kind of like the holodeck, in Star Trek.

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News | Oct 26, 2016

New Cyberbit Range Release Offers Hyper-Realistic Training for Multidimensional Approach to Cyberdefense

Upgraded cyber range gives companies access to dynamic, real-world environments; offsets skills shortage concerns; and offers cross-departmental training for IT and business executives

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Press Release | Oct 23, 2016

New Cyberbit Range Release Offers Hyper-Realistic Training

The upgraded cyber range version provides a multidimensional approach to cyberdefense

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News | Sep 22, 2016

Cyberbit Security’s new training center, a first of its kind

Tech partners join together to offer a new training solution to the skills gap problem

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Press Release | Sep 21, 2016

Cyberbit and ETA announced Cyber Range training center

The training center will be established in Baltimore City and will hire up to 100 cyber professionals

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