Provide the Best Customer Experience with Elite Incident Response Capability

The human element of your SOC has a direct impact on the customer experience your organization provides. Long response times mean long network downtimes, inhibiting your customer’s ability to perform capabilities critical to their financial wellbeing and causing them to lose trust in your ability to protect their data and preserve their financial integrity. Cyberbit is the only platform to ensure your team has the skills and experience to maintain that trust, ensuring the best customer experience possible for your customers.


Reduction in Incident
Response Time


Improvement in SOC
Candidate Selection


Decrease in Onboarding/

Improve Incident Response Times with Hands on Training

Organizations who train with Cyberbit enjoy 30% faster response times based on research from TAG Cyber. Cyberbit is the only platform proven to advance your team’s skills by providing them with skills development in cyber labs and applicable experience with live-fire cyber range exercises to ensure they perform at elite levels, thus providing the optimal experience for your customers.

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Validate Performance Prior to Hiring Talent

Providing the best protection for your clients begins with your cyber talent. Assess your candidate skills to ensure they can keep services up and running while maintaining the trust of your clients, as well as track their experience using the integrated MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

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Preparing Your Team for Evolving Attack Landscapes

As you increase the touchpoints through which your customer can engage your product, attack surfaces expand. Upskill your team on the only platform providing cloud environments and cybersecurity instructional content, ensuring your team is prepared to safeguard customer data in the cloud.

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Unprecedented Insights into Performance

Cyberbit measures performance based on skills displayed during learning sessions, ensuring your team has the skills required to protect your customer data. Track employee performance over time to understand your top performing team members with specific incidents against benchmarks that help identify top performers.

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Maximize Your Technology Investment

Obtain a master level understanding of the industry’s leading detection, investigation, and response tools ensuring your team can quickly respond with any toolset. Learn to perform threat hunting queries, detailed malware analysis, and other advanced skills using the industry’s leading tools.

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