One Platform Covering the Entire Cyber Skilling Spectrum

The Only Zero to Hero Training and Skilling Platform

To be fully prepared for an attack, your SOC team must continuously acquire foundational skills as individuals, then train and apply these skills as a team in real-world scenarios.

Cyberbit is the only platform that delivers the entire cyber skilling spectrum, on-demand, in coherent learning paths, validating your team’s performance and progress along the way.

The Richest Selection of Exercises, in a Single Location

Cyber Labs

Cyber Labs Build foundational skills in a hands-on virtual environment. From IT and networking, through live MITRE ATT&CK techniques, to the use of commercial tools during an incident and in threat hunting, cyber labs deliver the essential building blocks a SOC team member needs to excel and stay up to date.

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Cyber Range Exercises

Train using real-world, simulated attacks as a team, to ensure you are fully prepared when they hit you in real life. The Cyberbit Platform provides a full-scale cyber range, delivering a hyper-realistic, virtual SOC experience, that includes massive networks, reverse engineered attacks, and commercially licensed security tools. All cyber range exercises are available on-demand so your team can train anytime, anywhere.

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Learning Paths: Your Curated Training Plan

Whether you are onboarding a SOC-1 analyst or certifying a threat hunter, our training experts have a custom training plan for you.

Cyberbit includes curated training paths by role and topic, beginning with labs for skill building, and concluding with capstone cyber range exercises that train and employ these skills in real-world scenarios. Learning paths are customizable to meet your exact needs.

When completing a learning path you can be certain that your team not only owns the hands-on skills but can apply them as a team during a live incident.

Train for the Cloud

With the cloud becoming the new standard quo for data storage, your team is going to face new attacker techniques and behaviors focused on new network components.

Cyberbit is the only cyber skills development platform to feature both cyber labs and live-fire cyber range exercise focused on the cloud. Featuring cloud and hybrid network environments, your team will develop and perfect their ability to detect, investigate, and mitigate malicious attacker behaviors focused on the cloud and web vulnerabilities.

Measurable Results

The Cyberbit platform helps you define and track your KPIs by evaluating team and individual performance, both in labs and in cyber range exercises.

Investigation findings, response, and containment actions, are all evaluated automatically based on trainee actions during training. View results in detailed dashboards so you can track progress and understand performance gaps.

Keep Employee Certifications Active and Up to Date

Automatically Earn CPE Credits

Keep your cybersecurity certifications up to date with Cyberbit content and automatic submission for CPE credits. Cyberbit will automatically submit for CPE credits from (ISC)2helping your team keep their certifications up to date and increasing employee retention. 

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Learn the Theory – Spotlight Labs

Cyberbit provides exclusive video and text-based learning modules that help your information security team build and fortify a strong foundation in cyber theory, setting the groundwork for advanced, hands-on skills development.

The Market Leading Cyber Skill Development Platform

  • Zero to Hero: Labs, cyber range, and combined learning paths
  • World’s largest catalog of simulated attacks
  • Real-world, reversed-engineered attacks
  • Commercially licensed security tools
  • Massive, enterprise-grade virtual networks
  • Integrated with MITRE ATT&CK and the NICE Framework
  • Cloud-based and on-demand
  • Individual and team training

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