Cyberbit Range is a simulation platform enabling organizations to establish and manage training and simulation centers for instructing and certifying cyber security experts. It delivers hyper-realistic training scenarios that dramatically improve cyber security team performance. The Range is also an effective testbed for assessing security tools and architecture in a safe and controlled environment
Service Providers

Create new business lines and increase your margins by setting up cybersecurity training and simulation centers and offering advanced training and testing services.

Public Sector

Meet the demand for cybersecurity jobs by training and certifying new cybersecurity experts. Train your incident response teams with realistic simulated attack scenarios. Test your IT systems, infrastructure and security measures in a safe and controlled Range environment .


Offer unique and innovative cybersecurity programs by providing hands-on security courses, as well as an advanced customizable R&D lab.


Maximize the impact of your incident response team and expedite new staff certification, by training and qualifying them in a hyper-realistic simulated environment. Test your products and infrastructure and assess vulnerabilities, by using the Range as a safe and controlled testbed.

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With the Range platform ST Electronics can provide an effective, high-fidelity simulation that bridges the cyber security operations skills gap in the marketplace by providing individuals hands-on cyber training preparing them to be operationally ready - faster.

Mr Victor Yeo, Deputy General Manager, ST Electronics (Info-Security)

An Extensive and Versatile Platform for
Security Training And Simulation

Dynamic and Customizable

Cyberbit Range provides tools for simulating any network setup, attack scenario and traffic pattern, optimizing the impact of training and testing and allowing customers to operate independently. A comprehensive package of network types and attack scenarios is readily available and constantly updated to reflect the most recent attacks, including ransomware. The Range supports both IT and industrial control networks.

Real-Life Settings

Cyberbit Range is the first hyper-realistic cybersecurity simulation platform that provides a real-life training experience; enabling trainees to prepare for the challenges they will face during a real-life attack, using the exact same toolset.

A Safe and Controllable Testbed

The Range is an effective testbed for evaluating network security architecture and tools, running POCs, and performing vulnerability assessment, all in a safe and controlled environment.

The Leading Training And Simulation Platform

Cyberbit Range is the most advanced and widely deployed training, simulation and testing platform. It powers training centers in the US, Europe and Asia, leveraging the expertise of Cyberbit’s parent company Elbit Systems, the leading provider of military simulation.

Simulated Attacks in Hyper-Realistic Settings

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