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Train Your Security Team with Cloud-Based Simulation

SOC teams need better quality training, which is accessible to fit their schedules. This is why Cyberbit Cloud Range provides your team with instant access to the market-leading training and simulation environment, anytime, anywhere. Blue teams, red teams and students can log into a cloud-based virtual SOC and experience a wide range of simulated cyberattacks, from basic to advanced team training scenarios, so they are fully prepared and skilled when the time comes to respond.

Train when you like

Start a session anytime, in seconds, at a convenient time, from any location

Train like a pro

Choose from a rich catalog of scenarios and get detailed trainee debriefs and reports to improve performance

Train at ease

1. Book a virtual training room
2. Get a log-in link for each trainee
3. Setup your training scenario

Choose Your Network

Instantly launch your desired training network. Choose from a variety of comprehensive templates at a single mouse click. Cyberbit Cloud Range offers rich, multi-segment virtual replicas of enterprise IT networks that include application servers, database servers, email servers, switches, routers, as well as a simulated internet segment.

Real Security Products

Train your teams using market-leading security products. Select from a range of commercial SIEMs, firewalls, endpoint security systems and analysis tools, allowing your trainees to practice using the same tools they would use in real-life.

Rich Training Scenarios That Upskill Your Team

Choose from an extensive catalog of simulated training scenarios, from entry level to advanced, multi-stage attacks. Train individuals or teams, from tier-1 analysts to SOC managers and red teams. Cyberbit’s training scenarios are designed for multiple roles and aligned with NICE Cybersecurity Framework KSAs.

Evaluate Your Team’s Performance

A virtual, automated instructor evaluates trainees’ performance according to their designated goals. For advanced training scenarios, any member of your team can oversee and control the training session by using an intuitive Range Control App. The App allows you to guide trainees in real-time, review session recordings and receive detailed performance reports.

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