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Hyper-Realistic Training Ecosystem

Real-World Networks

Real-World Networks

Immerse in a virtual network that mirrors a comprehensive corporate network infrastructure.

Real-World Security Tools

Real-World Security Tools

Train in a virtual SOC and use market-leading security tools including a SIEM, firewall and endpoint security, to respond to simulated attacks.

Real-World Cyberattacks

Real-World Cyberattacks

Experience simulated attacks ranging from ransomware and defacement to evasive worms and multi-stage attacks.

Multiple Roles and Scenarios

Multiple Roles and Scenarios

Train individuals and teams, from tier-one analysts and students to tier-3 experts, red teams and OT security professionals. Cyberbit Range training scenarios are fully aligned with NICE KSAs and competencies.

Rich Training Content for Any Cybersecurity Role

Cyberbit Range provides a wide selection of simulated training scenarios, from beginner level to advanced incident response scenarios. Scenarios are tailored for multiple roles in the organization, including incident responders, analysts, red teams, business executives and students. Industrial control attack scenarios are available for critical infrastructure attack simulation.

Incident Responder

Security Analyst

Forensics Expert

Penetration Tester

Business Executive

Malware Analyst

Firewall Admin

OT Security Manager

Modular Scenario Packs to Fit Your Needs

Our simulation content is packaged available as a modular set of packs, each one containing a set of simulated scenarios tailored to a training program. Whether your goal is training an incident response team, ramping up individual skills, or training ICS security experts, we have the rich content package that addresses your training needs.

Incident Response Pack

The incident response scenario pack includes a wide range of simulated attacks designed for up-skilling your SOC team and improving teamwork. Scenarios include ransomware attacks, SQL injection, DDoS, web defacement, and more.

Pentesting Pack

The Pentesting pack is intended for training red teams and penetration testers and includes various attack scenarios in an increasing level of difficulty.

ICS Security Pack

The ICS Security Pack provides scenarios for simulating attacks on critical infrastructure networks including IT to OT attacks. The pack includes OT environment components such as PLCs and HMIs.

Training Scenarios Crafted by Training Experts

Training scenarios are tailored to improve essential cybersecurity skills, including detection, analysis, investigation, decision making, teamwork, remediation, and security tool operation. The simulated scenarios are designed by a team of cybersecurity training professionals.

Sample Training Scenario: Data Breach by SQL Injection

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Sample Courseware

Cyber Range Training for Critical Infrastructure Organizations

Industrial controls systems are increasingly threatened by cyberattacks. Regulation such as NERC, NIST and ISO require organizations to train their ICS security teams, but traditional IT training scenarios are inadequate. Cyberbit provides critical infrastructure organizations, education institutions and MSSPs with an ICS Range that provides the unique hardware and the specific training scenarios for OT attack scenarios.