Most attacks on critical infrastructure start at the IT network, however, conventional ICS security solutions only monitor the operational (OT) network. SCADAShield is the only solution to protect the entire ICS attack surface including both OT and IT components. It detects, within seconds, security, continuity and configuration risks that bypass conventional ICS security systems, and provides unprecedented visibility into your network.
Detect Across The Entire Attack Surface – IT and OT

From Stuxnet to the Ukrainian power grid – most OT attacks start at the IT network. SCADAShield is the first multi-layered solution that monitors all ICS network components : OT components, Industrial IT components, and corporate IT assets, allowing it to identify various attack vectors.

Discover Your Network

SCADAShield automatically discovers all network devices, identifies risky IT/OT touchpoints, exposes configuration problems and alerts upon unexpected changes. It produces a clear visual real-time network map that provides the visibility essential to security.

Reduce Operational Costs

Low touch setup, self-learning algorithms and automatic rule creation shorten setup time to a few days, reduce cost and minimize impact on infrastructure.

Achieve Compliance

Comply with industry regulations including NERC CIP, NIST 800-82 and ISA/IEC 62443

See a real-time map of your network components and communications, identify IT/OT touchpoints, and be notified on any change or risk

“This product really helps me understand the network. Within hours of setting it up I was finally able to see a complete list of all IPs in my OT network and found that 3 controllers were configured to the same IP.”

Head of Security Operations, International Airport

Industrial-Grade Quality & Reliability

Trusted Industrial Partner

A subsidiary of global defense leader Elbit Systems (NASDAQ: ESLT), Cyberbit delivers trusted and reliable solutions that meet the most demanding industry and compliance standards. Our ICS security solutions protect energy, utility, transportation, manufacturing and critical national assets worldwide.

OT & IT Network Monitoring

SCADAShield provides deep packet inspection (DPI) for OT network components, supporting all major control system vendor protocols. It performs full protocol stack machine learning and baselining for IP and serial communications. SCADAShield also monitors industrial and corporate IT assets, and analyzes the data to detect security incidents. By using a layered solution SCADAShield reveals machine to machine, remote maintenance and IT to OT attacks faster and more effectively than conventional solutions.

Full Visibility and Deep Forensics

By collecting OT and IT data across the entire network SCADAShield provides analysts with the tools for analyzing, investigating and reaching root cause effectively. Analysts can perform session level forensics, process-oriented analysis and network & timeline investigation.

Easy & Fast to Deploy

SCADAShield’s OT BlackBox is a passive monitoring device easily installed out-of-band, non-intrusively. IT network monitoring is provided via lightweight agents installed on selected hosts. The system is designed for rapid, low-impact setup and operation.

Advanced, Deep Packet Inspection

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Industrial Grade Operational Continuity & Security

SCADAShield is a non-intrusive solution for OT network monitoring, detection, forensics and response.

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Major European Energy Company Secures Dozens of Geographically Dispersed Electrical Substations

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