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Assess Your OT Network. Skip the Integration.

For customers in need of rapidly assessing their OT network, while avoiding the integration of a monitoring solution, SCADAShield Mobile provides a portable, non-intrusive, OT network assessment and asset discovery solution. Conveniently packaged in a case weighing less than 30 pounds, shippable as cabin luggage, SCADAShield Mobile plugs into a network switch and provides, within minutes, comprehensive asset discovery, visibility and vulnerability assessment reports.


Service Providers
and Consultancies

Provide instant OT network assessment services and periodic audits to your customers


and First Responders

Provide immediate emergency assessment of critical infrastructure networks


Critical Infrastructure

Monitor OT networks across your sites while avoiding the integration effortInstant Audit in 3 Steps

Instant Audit in 3 Steps
Comprehensive Reports Within Minutes
security_threats security_threats

Security Threats

network_mapping network_mapping

Network Mapping

asset_inventory asset_inventory

Asset Inventory

vulnerabilities_and_cves vulnerabilities_and_cves

Vulnerabilities and CVEs

device_software_versions device_software_versions

Device Software Versions

countinuity_risks countinuity_risks

Continuity Risks

Support for Multiple OT and IT Protocols

See SCADAShield in action