SOC 3D is the first incident response platform combining workflow automation, orchestration, and big-data based investigation tools into a single and powerful IR platform that increases SOC efficiency, provides visibility and reduces time-to-respond.
Automate Incident Response

Automate selected tasks including data enrichment, decision-making and response to reduce TTR, free your analysts to focus on high-priority tasks and increase your SOC efficiency.

Increase Security ROI

Maximize analyst impact. Empower analysts to easily manage complex incidents with big data security analytics and advanced visualization that simplify investigations and engage your team while automating routine tasks. Reduce the expertise barrier, improve retention, and optimize corporate investment in security technology.

Be Proactive, Investigate And Respond

Gain visibility and context to security alerts with rapid access to historical and raw data, Google-like search and real-time visualization using the only platform that combines SOC automation and orchestration with big data security analytics.

Align With Business

Focus your security team on the business-critical threats with risk scoring and automated prioritization based on business impact, assuring your SOC is more valuable to the organization and your team can continuously identify business-critical events, manage them effectively and avoid alert fatigue.

Threat Visibility – SOC Manager Dashboard

Since deploying SOC 3D I've substantially accelerated incident response and can now allocate my limited SOC team to work on business-critical incidents at any given moment.

SOC manager, financial institution

A Single Pane Of Glass For SOC Automation,
Orchestration And Big Data Analytics

Business -Driven Security

SOC 3D automatically prioritizes threats by business criticality, facilitates investigation by business context and business processes, and allows consistent ongoing monitoring of business-critical areas. The system provides automatic reporting and dashboards to share information with all relevant stakeholders and demonstrate more value to the organization.

The SOC Hub

Rich 3rd party integration capabilities allow SOC 3D to integrate to any 3rd party tool via its generic API that includes scripts, REST and web services. Any alert and enrichment source or response tool is easily integrated into the platform to produce the organization’s “security hub” – one system that centralizes all SOC operations.

Constantly Measure And Improve Security

KPIs and performance measurements allow CISOs and SOC managers to constantly improve SOC performance and security posture.

Versatile Deployment Options

Deployment options include an Enterprise model for managing a single SOC, a Command SOC or Fusion SOC model for centralizing multiple SOCs, and an MSSP model for outsourced SOC management.

SOC Performance with SOC 3D - Customer Case Study

Percentage of incidents closed within 6 hours

Case Study

Bank Leumi Minimizes Time-to-Response With SOC 3D

Tier-1 bank provides quick, accurate and well-informed responses using SOC 3D

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