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Triple Your SOC Capacity

SOC 3D is a force multiplier for your SOC. It maximizes the impact of your SecOps team and reduces MTTR by orchestrating security operations, automating playbooks, and providing an integrated, big-data driven investigation and reporting platform that encompasses all SOC requirements in a single, easy to use product.





Collect Alerts

SOC 3D continuously collects and centralizes alerts from your security platforms and data feeds including SIEM, Firewall, endpoint security, email, threat intelligence, and even OT security.

Trigger Playbook >
Trigger Playbook

After defining the incident type, SOC 3D initiates the corresponding playbook.

Enrich Incident >
Enrich Incident

SOC 3D automatically ingests data from multiple data sources, such as threat intelligence and CMDB, to enrich the incident for investigation purposes.

Prioritize >

SOC 3D uses data sources such as CMDB to automatically prioritize the incident according to its potential business impact, so critical alerts are always handled first.

Generate Investigation Dashboard >
Generate Investigation Dashboard

Real-time investigation dashboards are generated automatically, according to incident type and analyst tier, consolidating multiple data sources to provide immediate insights.

Mitigate >

SOC 3D integrates with your security tools like your firewall and EDR, to perform mitigation and remediation measures, such as blocking an IP or isolating an endpoint, without leaving the SOC 3D screen.

Collect Alerts >

Automate and Orchestrate Playbooks

SOC 3D provides numerous out-of-the-box, expert-written playbooks for a wide range of incident types, ensuring a comprehensive and measurable response process.
Playbooks are executed automatically whenever possible and desired, to reduce response time and workload.

A Playbook for Any Incident

SOC 3D playbooks are triggered according to alert type. An advanced playbook editor allows editing and creating new playbooks.


Investigation Dashboards Powered by Big-Data

SOC 3D eliminates the endless search for data logs and the dependency on SIEM logs. Finally, all SOC raw data is accessible for ad-hoc investigation and hunting.
SOC 3D normalizes all SOC data and auto-generates the most appropriate investigation dashboard for the current incident, optimized for user role and seniority.  Alternatively, drag & drop to build your own dashboard in real-time.


Actionable Metrics

With all raw data at your fingertips, you can define unlimited KPIs to measure your processes and individual analysts, identify bottlenecks in SIEM rules, playbooks, staff performance, and more – to continuously improve SOC efficiency.


Align with the NIST Framework

SOC 3D aligns your organization with the NIST
Computer Security Incident Handling Guide

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