See How Candidates Perform

Goodbye CVs and interviews, hello hands-on, live assessments! Ensure your SOC candidates can perform by running them through live-fire exercises emulating the incidents they will encounter on the job. Don’t just let them tell you about their skills; let them prove their talent.

Assessment Dashboard

Measure Performance Prior to Hiring

Maximize hiring certainty and identify your candidates’ strengths and weaknesses using screening reports which provide accurate assessments of technical skills and knowledge based on technical performance. SOC prospects are evaluated based on multiple factors including correctness of investigated artefacts, ability to stop a malicious process, or removing persistence and deleting malicious files.

Candidate Assessment

Align Experience with MITRE ATT&CK

Candidates may claim experience with a myriad of attacker tactics, but confirming experience is much harder. Cyberbit integrates the MITRE ATT&CK Framework to evaluate their performance within selected attacker behaviors. Confirming experience allows you to confidently hire candidates who can contribute to the SOC from day one.

Ensure Elite Performance with Performance Benchmarks

Cyberbit provides clear benchmarks based on performance to help you determine if your candidate performs below, at, or above the average allowing you to decide if the candidate is the right talent for your organization.

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