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The definitive podcast for educators seeking best practices for developing and maturing work-ready cybersecurity talent
In this podcast thought leaders in cybersecurity (senseis) and educators will share their experiences, challenges, and latest approaches to equipping students with valuable cybersecurity skills and capabilities.
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How to Receive Your CAE Designation: Miami Dade College's Case Study

Thursday, February 29th, 12PM ET | 9AM PT

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    Dr. Diego Tibaquira Dr. Diego Tibaquirá, Miami Dade College's NSA CAE PoC, brings 8 years of US Marine service and diverse expertise. He's a former Federal Government Information Security Specialist with Secret Clearance and a PEPSICO Data Analyst. As a Computer Science Professor, he focuses on CyberSecurity and Cloud Computing, teaching various courses and engaging with the Honors College. Dr. Tibaquirá's contributions include curriculum development and securing grants exceeding $1 million. Recognized with teaching awards, Ethical Hacker Hall of Fame nomination, and IEEE Senior Membership, he received the 2021 Academic Instructor Circle of Excellence Award and a Fulbright Specialist appointment for four years.
    Adam Bricker
    Adam Bricker is the co-founded the Carolina Cyber Center at Montreat College in January 2020 as part of the Carolina Cyber Network. With the vision of strengthening regional resources and cultivating cybersecurity professionals, Adam leads a team supporting international missions in some of the world's most hazardous locations.
    Sharon Rosenman
    Sharon Rosenman is a multidisciplinary tech, marketing, and training evangelist who helped launch and grow multiple tech startups in the gaming, cloud, and cyber security space. Sharon has been involved in the training space since his days as a flight instructor. As Cyberbit’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sharon helped form the vision of Cyberbit’s cyber security training and education platform and has worked with numerous higher education institutions and enterprises to create next-generation cyber security learning and training programs.

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    Our focus is to serve those developing the next generation of cyber warriors. Every episode will feature insights and practices from cybersecurity thought leaders (our Senseis) that will share their experience and walk us through developing and maturing cybersecurity work-ready talent. We aim to share as much about what students should learn as to how to teach, coach, and mentor students into work-ready talent able to attack the demands of this field.

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