Onboard and Deploy Your SOC Analysts as
Quickly as Possible

The faster you onboard your new talent, the more resilient your SOC will be. With Cyberbit you can onboard your employees three times as fast, ensuring your talent is ready to perform as quickly as possible.

Onboard Your Cyber Team 3X Faster

Build SOC Skills More
Improvement Incident
Response time
Increase Team

Rapid Knowledge Adoption

Cyberbit includes customizable and focused learning paths that help you share SOC team knowledge with new analysts so they can quickly become familiar with your SOC processes, tools, playbooks, and teammates. Learning paths align to work role (i.e., Tier 2-Analyst, Threat Hunter) or cyber topic (i.e., Windows Forensics, MITRE ATT&CK) and enable more rapid knowledge adoption of your SOC operations.

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Shorten the Time Between Hiring and Full Productivity

Cyberbit labs and hyper realistic, experiential learning dramatically decrease the time-to-productivity of new analysts. In addition to reducing the risk of incident response errors cause by inexperience, the labs and hands-on learning help new analysts shorten their skills gap, improve their response time, increase their knowledge retention, and achieve full productivity more quickly.

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Labs Aligned with Roles for Faster Operational Readiness

Learning in labs that can be aligned with SOC roles helps new analysts become operational more quickly and can reduce onboarding costs by 70%. Cyberbit Labs help reduce skills gaps more rapidly by letting you easily select which labs your new analysts should be participating in so they can focus on the specific skillsets that align with NICE Work Roles and KSAs and traditional work roles.

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Hyper-Realistic Learning Scenarios Strengthen Team Roles and Cohesiveness

SOC team cohesiveness is very important. The ability to pull together under pressure and build personal relationships helps ensure it will perform as a unit when under advanced attacks. To be a contributing member of a SOC team, analysts must possess the required skills for their work role. Cyberbit Range allows you to provide new analysts with hyper realistic learning scenarios that help them gain practical experience and advance their skill level quickly and react more efficiently and effectively in the face of crisis and daily tasks.

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Progress tracking

Understanding how a new element (i.e., new team member, newly promoted team member, or new tool) will affect your team dynamic will allow you to make an informed decision. Automated assessments track and grade analysts automatically so you can assess and rank individual and team performance and determine top performing team members as well as measure important soft skills such as the ability to communicate and maintain calm under pressure and leadership skills during a pressured situation.

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Onboard Faster with Cyberbit