Provide Your Cyber Warriors with the Skills
Required to be Elite

You have been entrusted with a critical mission; protect your national infrastructure and classified data and your citizenry from malicious threat actors and nation state actors. Safeguarding information desired by others requires your team be prepared with the skills and experience needed to count themselves among the elite cyber warriors on the globe.


Reduction in Mean Time to


Improvement in
Candidate Selection


Improvement in Time to
Operational Deployment

Produce Elite Cyber Warriors with Superior Response Capabilities

Cyberbit is the only platform proven to reduce incident response times by at least 30%. Your team will develop fundamental and advanced skills in cyber labs before entering the cyber battlefield to face off against hyper-realistic simulated attacks, ensuring elite performance from your cyber warriors in the real world.

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Deploys Cyber Warrior You Know Will Succeed

Your cyber warriors are your best line of protection on the cyber battlefield. Cyberbit provides a deep understanding of their skills prior to deployment so that only the best protect your sensitive or classified data, reducing the chance that a malicious or nation state actor gains access.

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Unprecedented Insights into Performance

Cyberbit measures performance based on skills displayed on the simulated cyber battlefield, ensuring your team can perform when faced with live adversaries. Track performance over time to understand your top performing cyber warriors with specific incidents against benchmarks that help identify top performers.

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Maximize Your Technology Investment

Master the industry’s leading detection, investigation, and response tools ensuring your warriors quickly respond with any toolset. Learn to perform threat hunting queries, detailed malware analysis, and other advanced skills using the industry’s leading tools.

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Experience Cyberbit for Your Team