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Our Mission: Maximize Cyber Resilience by Boosting Human Performance

Cybersecurity is driven by people, process, and technology. At Cyberbit, we believe in people. Our mission is to keep organizations safe by boosting information security team performance. We believe that after we’ve invested in security technology, our teams must be world-class experts in using it. We believe that security leaders must have factual and quantifiable information about their team’s readiness. And we believe that hiring SOC analysts without battle-testing their performance is unacceptable. We’ve built the world’s most widely used SOC readiness and skill development platform. Our platform enables security leaders to maintain a world-class SOC team and keep it read and ahead of attackers.

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Our Platform: One Location for Managing the Entire Skill Development Lifecycle

The Cyberbit platform provides security leaders with a single destination for managing all SOC readiness and skill development activities. Organizations use Cyberbit to benchmark and quantify their information security teams, plan and run skill development programs, screen candidates and train new hires. The Cyberbit platform provides hands-on cyber labs and the largest catalog of live-fire, simulated cyberattacks. Live-fire exercises run in a hyper-realistic cyber range that emulates real-world networks and provides commercial security tools, including SIEM, Firewall, and EDR products.

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Our Team: Your Partners to Excellence

It takes a broad skill set and world-class engineering to build the Cyberbit platform. Our team includes malware analysts, SOC experts, and training experts coming primarily out of Israeli elite cyber intelligence units.

We are obsessed with our customers and have put together a customer success team consisting of cybersecurity instructors with over 50 years of training experience combined. This team ensures that our customers make the most out of the exercises available on the platform.

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The Market Leading Cyber Skill Development & Training Platform

Six years since founded, the Cyberbit platform now delivers 500,000 sessions globally and has become the go-to skill development and training platform for SOC teams. Our customers include the world’s largest financial institutions, health care, consulting firms, retailers, MSSPs, governments and military organizations.

Leading academic institutions and coding academies use Cyberbit to offer hands-on cybersecurity programs that produce job-ready graduates.

Today, cybersecurity experts expect their training to be available instantly and on-demand, from their home or office, hands-on and mirroring real-world scenarios. Cyberbit provides this in one, zero-to-hero platform, and has become the de-facto standard.

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