Hyper-Realistic Cyber Range Attack Simulation

Cyberbit includes the world’s most advanced cyber range, available on-demand. Immerse your team in hyper-realistic, simulated attacks on the included cyber range to take their experience, skillset, and teamwork to the next level. Cyberbit’s live-fire cyber range simulations are the closest your team will get to a real-world incident. By training in cyber range exercises your team will excel, both technically and mentally, when the real attack takes place.

The World’s Largest Catalog of On-Demand Attacks

Access the world’s largest catalog of on-demand cyberattacks on the included cyber range, ensuring your team can recognize and respond to any attacker technique, tactic, or procedure.

Live-Fire scenarios on Cyberbit’s Cyber Range are suited for Red, Blue, or Purple Teams and range in difficulty from beginner to advanced.

Live Fire Attacks, in the Cloud

Exclusive to Cyberbit are the world’s first attack simulations based on vulnerabilities found in cloud native and hybrid environments. With new cloud environments come new network components and attacker behaviors your team needs to be prepared to defend your cloud assets.

Ensure your team is prepared to detect, investigate, and mitigate with complete live-fire attack scenarios, ensuring they can respond at an elite level.

Train with the Tools You Use Daily

Your security stack is only as good as the people who use it. Cyberbit’s Cyber Range exercises provide your team with a suite of commercial tools they’d actually use on the job to ensure they can perform investigations using a Splunk SIEM and a Palo Alto Networks Firewall, practice reconfiguring a Check Point Firewall to remediate an attack, or use their tools to accomplish any other task.

Comprehensive Corporate Grade Networks

Cyberbit’s Cyber Range exercises run on corporate-grade virtual networks so they can reflect the challenges your team will face during incident detection, investigation and response. The comprehensive network architectures included on the cyber range allows your team to experience advanced attacker behaviors they may encounter on the job, like ping sweeps, lateral movement and data exfiltration, providing your team with the experience required to excel.

Performance-Based Assessment

Cyberbit is the only cyber skilling platform that assesses trainee progress automatically, based on their real-time performance during the simulated incident on the included cyber range. Trainees are evaluated based on multiple factors, for example: correctness of investigation artefacts, successfully stopping a malicious process, or deleting malicious files.

Improve Performance with Experience and Skills Tracking

Cyberbit is the only platform to integrate the NIST Incident Response Framework, NICE Cybersecurity Framework, CREST and MITRE ATT&CK Framework, giving you the ability to ensure your team is working with industry best practices and has the right skillset and experience to excel.

Prepare for Attacks on ICS/OT Networks

Simulate attacks on operational technology (OT) networks to maximize your skills in defending critical physical infrastructure such as power grids, manufacturing lines, oil and gas, and more. Cyberbit provides a full-scale, emulated OT network, including HMIs, hardware controllers (PLCs), and physical devices, and provides end-to-end simulations of IT to OT attacks.

Experience a Live Cyberattack on Cyberbit