Ransomware readiness is a board-level directive. Yet, most organizations never train for ransomware attacks. As part of its catalog, the Cyberbit platform provides ransomware courses that equip SOC teams, incident response teams, and the C-Suite with ransomware readiness skills, so organizations can avoid the costs and service disruption associated with ransomware attacks.
Minimize financial
Minimize brand
Eliminate service
Minimize time to respond
to ransomware

Comprehensive Ransomware Courses

Prepare your SOC and IR team with the unique skills required for responding to ransomware. Learn ransomware investigation methodologies and how to use security tools such as a SIEM and EDR to investigate and contain ransomware attacks, while accelerating time to response to minimize financial damage.

Prepare the C-Suite for Ransomware Attacks

Cyberbit’s Crisis Simulation Platform allows executive management to simulate the decisions and internal processes required at the management level during a ransomware attack while collaborating with the information security team.

Providing Ransomware Cyber Range Exercises for FS-ISAC

Cyberbit is honored to be collaborating with the FS-ISAC organization to provide ransomware cyber range exercises to the financial industry, with hundreds of information security professionals having already participated.

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