The Complete Cyber Skills Development Cycle

Building your cybersecurity team’s skills starts with foundational building blocks: theory, tools, attacker tactics, soft skills and more. Each of our cyber labs delivers a specific building block to build individual skills in shorter training sessions.

Following individual completion of Cyber Labs your team be prepared with a robust foundation, allowing them to proceed to live-fire cyber range exercises where they will practice and apply these skills as a team, in real-world, simulated incidents.

Cyber Labs for Any Role and Expertise

New attacker techniques are discovered every week, new tools are released and updated, and you cannot afford to stay behind. With Cyberbit’s labs, your team develops and maintains the skills they need, for any role or experience level, from the basics of network protocols to advanced threat hunting techniques.

Cyber Labs to Develop Cloud Skills

With the transition of data storage to the cloud, your team must develop their cloud response skills. Cyberbit is the only platform to feature both cyber labs and cyber range exercises purpose built to develop your team’s invetsigative skills in AWS environments, featuring training for S3, Cloud Trail, Amazon SQS, and more!

Learn on the Tools You Actually Use

Cyber Labs incorporate commercial security tools including SIEMs, firewalls, network analysis, and endpoint security tools, to ensure your team knows how to properly deploy, manage, and configure your security stack.

Get Your Team Operational with Curated Courses

Curated learning paths give you the power to run complete training programs by combining Cyber Labs and live-fire Cyber Range exercises into a trackable framework for any topic or role. Slash the time needed to certify your team members, deepen and enrich their knowledge in critical topics, and ensure they have the required skills to excel in any role with a wide selection of pre-built learning paths.

Assess and Benchmark Your Team

Continuous assessment builds your team skills faster. Cyberbit Labs provide automated and actionable feedback so you can instantly benchmark your team and track performance for individuals, teams, and across your entire organization.

Integrated with NIST CSF, NICE, and MITRE ATT&CK

Cyberbit integrates key industry frameworks such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), NICE Work Roles, NICE Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs), CREST, and the MITRE ATT&CK Enterprise Framework to ensure your team is aligned to industry best practices. NIST CSF Integration: Follow incident response best practices Qualify teams by roles and skills with NICE Work Role and KSA integration. Make sure individuals and teams have covered the full range of MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques in their training, and track their progress.

Spotlights – Learn the Theory

Cyberbit provides exclusive video and text-based learning modules that help your information security team build and fortify a strong foundation in cyber theory, setting the groundwork for advanced, hands-on skills development.

See a cyber range training session in action