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Corporations, academies, governments and service providers put their trust in Cyberbit Range to train thousands of cybersecurity practitioners and students in hyper-realistic, live cyberattack simulations

The Cyberbit Range is a cutting-edge environment that will help students and professionals gain valuable experience facing real-life cyberattacks.
Antonio Delgado Dean of Engineering, Technology and Design, Miami Dade College
With its new A1 Cyber Range security training center in Wiener Neustadt, A1 now offers the opportunity to identify threats early on, to test protective and defensive mechanisms and to train proficiency in defending against cybercrime attacks.
Marcus Grausam A1 CEO and CTO
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Miami Dade College Cybersecurity Center of the Americas Testimonial

Learn how Miami Dade College is using Cyberbit Range to train students and enterprise companies in a hyper-realistic environment to drive better performance in SOC Team experts, novices, and hopefuls!

"It can show who the leader of the team is, it can show different skills people have that a lot of people don't know about until they actually get a live training."

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A1 Cyber Range

Discover how A1, Austria's largest telecommunications company, is helping to solve Germany's cybersecurity skills shortage by cross training IT professionals at the A1 Cyber Range in Wiener Neustadt, powered by Cyberbit Range.

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Success Case: Deloitte EMEA Cybersphere Center (ECC) and Cyberbit

Discover how Deloitte used the Cyberbit platform to raise the state of SOC readiness across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and identify Europe’s elite cyber talent.

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ISE Cyber Range - France

ISE, a French data governance and cybercurity consultant and service provider, provides cybersecurity certifications and simulated training for cybersecurity professionals, enterprises, and governments, with Cyberbit Range.

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Israeli Defense Force Cyber Range

Learn how the Israel Defense Forces, the world's most advanced military cybersecurity force, changed the way they train to provide more time efficient and more effective training.

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Metro State University Cyber Range - USA

Address unprecendented cybersecurity workforce and training demands like Metro State University, delivering immersive training on the MN Cyber Range, powered by Cyberbit Range.

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Purdue University

Purdue University, one of the leading cybersecurity education institutions in the US, trains enterprise businesses and students to ensure that SOC teams are ready for the inevitable attack.

"We have real live malware. It's real live attacks. We can develop scenarios, we can invoke attack traffic that they may have never seen before"

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Ariel University

Deep dive into Ariel University, the leading cybersecurity higher education program in Israel, to see how they use Cyberbit Range to train their students.

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Cyberbit Range at University of Maine at Augusta

Ensure your students are workforce ready like the students at the University of Maine at Augusta who are trained on the Maine Cyber Range, powered by Cyberbit Range.

“Cyberbit Range is an immersive experience that simulates a real-world Security Operations Center and leverages real-world security and network infrastructure."

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Cyberbit Range at Eleven Fifty Academy

Eleven Fifty Academy takes individuals from zero IT and cybersecurity experience to certified analysts within 14 weeks, by using the Cyberbit platform.

"The range has just been like a Narnia for me, open up a door to something completely new and that I have never seen before, Something I would never have seen without Eleven Fifty"

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Cloud Range Cyber - USA

Cyberbit and Cloud Range Cyber join forces to help solve the global skills shortage through cloud based SOC team training, powered by Cyberbit Range.

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Cyberbit Range at Illinois State Treasurer

The Illinois Office of the Treasurer uses Cyberbit’s cloud-based Cyber Range platform to create live-fire scenarios to give security teams hands-on training to prepare them for real events.

“After 18 months of using Cyberbit, our security teams have cut response time from a week to an hour.”

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