Skilling solutions vastly improve your team’s use of security tools, technologies, and playbooks, leading to swifter incident detection and response times and stronger cyber resilience.

Upskill Faster, Stronger, Better

Build SOC Skills More
Speed Up Adoption of SOC
Processes, Tools, and
Ensure Your Team is
Prepared to Respond to
the Latest Threat Vectors
Master the Latest
Commercial Security

Upskill Cyber Talent for Prescribed Roles with Custom Developed Learning Paths

Cyberbit includes customizable and focused learning paths, so analysts quickly become familiar with team processes, tools, playbooks, and teammates. Each learning path is designed to include specific theoretical labs, practical labs, and real-world attack scenarios. They can be aligned to work roles (i.e., Security Analyst, Threat Hunter) or cyber topics (i.e., Windows Forensics, MITRE ATT&CK), enabling experiential learning in real-world threat environments and advanced cyber-team readiness.

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Keep Your Team Prepared for the Latest Cyber Threats and Boost Cyber Team Readiness

Develop your analysts’ advanced cybersecurity skills with hands-on cyber labs that they can then practice in real-world, live-fire attack scenarios on a cyber range. New labs give analysts hands-on experience with the latest threats, boost their understanding of attacker techniques, and infuse an in-depth understanding of the cybersecurity incident response cycle. Cyber ranges use reverse engineered real-world attacks for your analysts to practice in, ensuring they are prepared for any attempt to penetrate your network. Your SOC is replicated and includes commercial grade security tools, and ranges can accommodate cyber professionals across all experience levels.

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Master Commercial Security Tools

Help your analysts master existing and new cybersecurity theory and tools and optimize the human element through expert use of playbooks. Gain extensive knowledge of cybersecurity tools (e.g., Check Point, Splunk, Palo Alto, Wireshark, etc.), and improve team understanding of when and how to use them.

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Keep Employee Certifications Current and Active

Cyberbit makes it easy for cybersecurity professionals to keep their certifications current and active. All Cyberbit content is eligible for CPE credits from (ISC)2, ISACA, and EC-Council. Submissions for credits from (ISC)2 are done automatically upon completion of a Cyberbit workshop.

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Boost Integration with Industry Best Practices as Outlined by Key Industry Frameworks

Develop and track your analysts’ experience and integration with key industry security frameworks such as NIST, NICE, CREST, MITRE ATT&CK, etc. Discover and track experience gaps for individual analysts and your team, and assign skills development based on those gaps.

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Obtain Deep Insight into Vital Skillsets and Performance with Automated Assessment

Cyberbit provides automated assessment allowing you to assess analysts’ security skills based on their ability to perform actions associated with incident detection, investigation, and remediation. Constant assessment during learning (combined with real-world performance metrics) provides unprecedented insight into individual skillsets and offers you a path forward to improvement for your team and individual analysts.

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Elevate SOC Team Readiness with Cyberbit