The New Way to Boost the Performance of Finance and Insurance Cyber Defense Teams

To maximize the effectiveness of your incident response team, you must put it in the line of fire.
Cyberbit replaces abstract technical tabletops, labs and traditional cyber ranges with a hyper-realistic
SaaS platform that spins up, within seconds, massive virtual networks, including market leading security tools,
and live-fire attack simulations for team and individual training.

Hundreds of prebuilt courses and exercises optimized for insurance and financial organizations include ransomware,
supply chain attacks, cloud security, SOC analyst courses, MITRE ATT&CK techniques and more. For the first time,
infosec leaders can run ongoing skill development programs that accurately assess,
benchmark, and ensure their teams are fully prepared for the inevitable cyber-attack.

Maximize SOC Readiness

Run live-fire attack simulations to ensure cyber defense teams are ready.

Maximize Compliance

Align incident response training to comply with regulatory requirements and the MITRE ATT&CK and NIST/NICE frameworks for industry best practices.

Maximize Trust

Optimize and accelerate incident response to ensure financial systems stay up and running.

Maximize Visibility

Automatically evaluate people based on performance, not theory or observation.

Maximize IR Soft Skills

Boost IR teamwork, creativity and critical thinking, in addition to technical skills.

Maximize Crisis Readiness

Modernize tabletop exercises with virtual, collaborative crisis simulation exercises that prepare SOC teams and management.


Forget “military grade” cyber ranges that take weeks to set up and cost fortunes for bi-annual training. Cyberbit delivers all the capabilities of an advanced cyber range, and more, in a SaaS platform allowing your team to train weekly, even daily if desired, and launch hundreds of massive live-fire exercises, in three clicks.

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The Official Cyber Range Platform for the FS-ISAC

Cyberbit and the FS-ISAC run monthly live-fire cyber range exercises, and the annual International Cyber League (ICL) Financial Cup, powered by the Cyberbit platform. These events prepare cyber defense teams in financial institutions for ransomware, and other critical threats and allow organizations to benchmark their teams against other teams in the industry

“Organizations always focus on the right team player, looking at soft skills, education, and the willingness to learn. Cyberbit has enabled me, as a leader, to provide focused education and training that has expanded the skillsets of my team by using real world cyber events that drive continuous learning and enhance process development. This provides the assurance to our enterprise that our cyber security professionals are prepared and ready when faced with any cybersecurity event.”

Joseph Shilling
Manager Cyber Security Operations Center, Highmark Health

“Somerset Trust takes the security of our information very seriously, and I have always known that we assembled a good team of security professionals.  It’s always nice to see a competition like this that hones their skills and proves our dedication to security.”

John Ash
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Somerset Trust

“A Cyber Range is a strategic capability that enables governments and companies to effectively educate and train their professionals, as well as to experiment, test and validate new cybersecurity and cyber defense concepts, technologies, techniques, and tactics. Cyber range competitions such as the ICL Financial Cup help in providing a comparison with the rest of the peers in the sector.”

Francisco Navarro García
Chief Information Security Officer, Banco de Crédito Cooperativo (BCC)

“The International Cyber League has been an excellent experience for our teams and a fantastic opportunity for them to test their skills with other elite teams across the financial services sector. We are incredibly proud of their work in keeping our company safe. Their strong performance in this competition is celebrated across Technology and the entire company.”

Harold Rivas
Chief Information Officer, Loan Depot

“We in the financial sector believe that exercising builds muscle memory to ensure smooth and efficient incident response.”

Cameron Dicker
Global Head of Business Resilience at FS-ISAC

The Full Set of Skill Development Capabilities, in a Single Platform

Cyber Range

Run live-fire attack simulations on demand, test and validate people, processes, and technologies.

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Cyber Labs

Maximize individual cyber skills and attack techniques.

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Crisis Simulation

Run interactive crisis simulations replacing traditional tabletops.

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IR Training is Essential for Financial Regulatory Compliance

Financial institutions must perform IR exercises to comply with regulation. Cyberbit’s live fire exercises are the most effective way to comply, being the most realistic AND most educational exercising options available today. Some of the regulatory bodies training are:

“Conduct periodic cyber recovery exercises or plan testing to demonstrate that recovery capabilities function as expected.”

OCCC: Joint Statement on Heightened Cybersecurity Risk, January 16, 2020

Effective practices: Establishing and regularly testing (often using tabletop exercises) a written formal incident response plan that outlines procedures for responding to cybersecurity and information security incidents

FINRA: 2022 Report on Finra’s Examination and Risk Monitoring Program

Teamwork and communications skills are also needed for effective incident handling.
Necessary training should be provided to all team members.

NIST: Computer Security Incident Handling Guide

Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid, We’ve Got You Prepared

Whether your infrastructure is fully in the cloud, on-prem or hybrid, Cyberbit includes prebuilt and customizable exercises emulating attacks on multiple infrastructure types in real-world networks, so your team can be fully prepared.

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Prepare for Ransomware, and Prove It

We’ve created live-fire attack simulations, crisis simulations, hands-on labs, and full-length courses allowing financial cyber defense teams to simulate and prepare for various types of ransomware attacks, as well as additional threats like supply chain attacks, DDoS, and more. By simulating ransomware attacks before the fact, you can be confident that your teams and processes are ready and prove it to your board by showing the results of these exercises.

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Ransomware course

Ongoing, Competency-Based Assessment

Ensure your team is always at the top of its game with ongoing, performance-based assessment in cyber labs and range exercises. Sensors embedded in Cyberbit’s learning environment track individual and team activity so you can routinely conduct baseline assessments, benchmark and measure performance, identify and fill skill gaps, and optimize skill development pathways.

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