Our Customers Lead the Charge in Addressing the Cyber Security Skills Gap

Launch Next-Generation Cyber Security Programs

Provide Hands-On
Academic Programs
Integrate cyber labs and live fire cyber range exercises into your curriculum and start delivering next-gen experiences in addition to theory.
Accelerate Industry
Provide students and professionals with industry certifications such as CompTIA Security Plus in a condensed time, by integrating hands-on exercises.
Offer Competency
Based Education
Offer vocational learning programs and career transformation courses that mitigate the cyber skills gap and reduce unemployment in your region.

Produce Elite Cyber Defenders

Most cyber defense teams have never seen a ransomware attack, cloud attack, or supply chain attack before it happens. Your students will, and much more.
Cyberbit provides you with the world’s most extensive catalog of hyper-realistic learning modules and exercises that simulate real-world scenarios around a broad range of topics. Your students will arrive at their workplace with a head start on the technical skills and soft skills that their employers need. As a result, our customer’s graduates are considered best in market and win the highest paying jobs in cyber security.

Deliver Critical Technical Skills

Cloud Security
Security Tools
Incident Response
Malware Analysis

Build Critical Soft Skills

Critical Thinking

Multiple Benefits for Higher Education Leaders

Turn Graduates Into
Preferred Candidates
Our customers’ graduates are preferred candidates for the highest -paying cyber security jobs in the industry.
Increase Student
Enrollment & Retention
Attract students with engaging courses that fast track their careers. Our clients report up to 87.5% retention, the highest of any department in their institution.
Become a
Regional Cyber Hub
Facilitate cyber training and apprenticeship programs that foster collaboration between education, corporate and government to become the cyber focal point in your region.

The Cyberbit Platform for Higher Education

Everything you need to launch your cybersecurity education and training
center, in one platform.

Undergraduate, associate

Master’s, ph.d

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Theoretical Learning

Cyber Labs

Hands-on learning individual skills


Packaged program, aligned with your curriculum

Student Assessment

Student evaluation reports. Progress tracking, LMS integration

Cyber Range

Advanced courses, real-world simulations, research

The broadest catalog of cyber labs for any curriculum

Cyber labs are hands-on learning modules running in live networks. They deliver topics ranging from basic networking to advanced incident response, malware analysis, cloud security, forensics, attacker tactics, and security tools. Cyberbit offers hundreds of labs that integrate with your existing curriculum. We add new labs every week so your students can experience the most recent threats and come more prepared than ever to their future workplace.

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Prepare Students for the Real World with Cyber Range Live-Fire Exercises

The Cyberbit platform includes an advanced cyber range that simulates complete cyberattacks in a virtual security operations center (SOC). Students will experience live attacks including ransomware, supply chain attacks, and cloud attacks, gaining valuable hands-on experience and robust soft skills that include teamwork, communication, and critical thinking.

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Deliver Theoretical Knowledge with Interactive Spotlights Exercises

Cyberbit provides exclusive video and presentation- based interactive learning modules that help students build and fortify a solid foundation in cyber theory, setting the groundwork for hands-on learning.

Measure and Assess Performance

Advanced reports provide granular feedback about performance, gaps, course completion progress and recommended learning

Launch Competency-Based Education Programs to Accommodate Individual Learning Styles

Help students fill their individual skill gaps and learn at their pace with competency-based education. Our courses can be designed to meet students wherever they are on their learning journey.

Hear it from Our Customers

Here’s What Cyberbit’s Customer, Purdue University, Has to Say

Our Cyber Learning Experts Will Help You Build Your Next-Gen Program

Cyberbit’s hands-on modules easily embed within Associates, Bachelors, Master’s, PhD, dual enrollment, and certificate-based programs. Our cybersecurity training experts will work with you to create a curriculum mapping tailored for your program. Request a free curriculum mapping now, to understand how your next-gen program might look like.

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Align With industry Standards and Certifications

The Cyberbit platform is fully integrated with industry leading standards including the NICE Cyber Security Framework KSATs and work roles, the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, and the NIST Incident Response Playbook, allowing you to instill common standards and topics and align with industry requirements and terminologies.

Keep Students Up to Speed on the Latest Attack Vectors

The learning platform is updated weekly with exercises demonstrating the most recent attack vectors and threats, so students can not only learn about the latest in cyber security, but experience it – live.

Provide Industry Certifications

The Cyberbit platform includes “out of the box” courses allowing you to run industry certification programs like CompTIA Security+. The platform is fully integrated with (ISC)2 allowing industry trainees and students to receive CPE credits for time spent on the platform.

Witness the Success

Our customers rapidly become regional cyber security hubs.
Check out their websites to dive deeper into their offering.

Carolina Cyber Center

Cybersecurity Center of the Americas
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Miami Dade College

Cybersecurity Center of the Americas
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Purdue University

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The University of Maine at Augusta

Maine Cyber Range
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