Success Case: Deloitte EMEA Cybersphere Center (ECC) and Cyberbit

To address the growing global demand for skilled cybersecurity talent, Deloitte partnered with Cyberbit, the world leading SOC readiness and skills development platform.

The partnership empowered Deloitte’s EMEA Cybersphere Center (ECC) to advance their clients’ cyber skills. Cyberbit’s advanced platform covers the entire cyber skilling spectrum from cyber skills development and experiential learning to team and individual performance assessment in real-world scenarios. As a result of the partnership, the Cyberbit platform was added to the Deloitte ECC’s portfolio of cyber risk solutions, maximizing the impact of the ECC across Deloitte’s EMEA Cyber Intelligence Centers.

In the partnership between Deloitte ECC and Cyberbit, Deloitte made use of Cyberbit’s platform for building, developing, and assessing cybersecurity skills. Both a cybersecurity skill building opportunity and a cybersecurity skills assessment opportunity were offered. The first opportunity, “Deloitte Cyber Wargaming and Training Labs” lasted a full day and took place February 9, 2021. The second opportunity, “Cyber Arena 2.0”, lasted for a full week and took place during the first week of April 2021.

“The Cyberbit platform gave our SOC team analysts the opportunity to face off against an actual ransomware attack in a safe environment, guided by a Cyberbit expert. Our analysts learned forensic investigation, remediation, and prevention techniques all within a few hours. Their ransomware response time, use of tools, and understanding of playbooks improved significantly and we were able to better assess their ransomware readiness level.” Deloitte SOC TEAM Manager, “Cyber Wargaming and Training Labs”

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