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Symbiote Malware

Intezer and the BlackBerry Research and Intelligence Team recently published their comprehensive research on Symbiote, a highly evasive Linux malware. Appropriately named after the biological […]

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Conti – Ransomware as a service program

Conti is a ransomware-as-a-service program and is one of the most prolific ransomwares of the past year. In what is believed to have been an […]

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And the next stop is – root privileges!

And the next stop is – root privileges! Microsoft has recently discovered several vulnerabilities, collectively referred to as Nimbuspwn. This lethal combination could allow an […]

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The End of TrickBot

The malware of many tricks and no treats In 2016, the threat group Wizard Spider developed TrickBot – a highly modular banking trojan believed to […]

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