Nashville Cyber Range to Open in Q1 2019

Nashville, Tennessee and Ra’anana, Israel-November 13, 2018 Israel-based Cyberbit Ltd., a world leading provider of cybersecurity simulation and IT/OT detection and response platforms, and Cloud Range Cyber LLC, (Cloud Range) a Nashville-based pioneer in cybersecurity simulation training, today announced that Nashville will soon be home to the region’s first cyber security training facility.

The Nashville Cyber Range will be one of the nation’s first cybersecurity training and simulation facilities of its type and will be housed at Tech Hill Commons as part of the partnership with the Nashville Technology Council.

The Nashville Cyber Range will prepare cybersecurity professionals from both the private and public sectors to defend against the growing number of cyber attacks that threaten individuals, businesses, governments, and critical infrastructure.  Using the most advanced cybersecurity training platform available, Cyberbit Range, the Nashville Cyber Range will allow trainees to experience cyber attacks in a hyper-realistic, simulated environment, in order to be prepared to defend against threats.

The cybersecurity skills gap has become a growing epidemic, which is expected to triple the number of open positions over the next five years.  Cybersecurity Ventures estimates there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021, compared to 1 million openings back in 2016.

The lack of practical, hands-on training further contributes to the skills gap as the complexity levels of the jobs also increase.

“By using a unique cloud-based cyber range model, simulation-based cybersecurity training is now accessible to tens of thousands of trainees in Tennessee, and nationwide”, said Adi Dar, CEO at Cyberbit. “The new Nashville Cyber Range will not only increase cyber resilience across numerous organizations but will also create new job opportunities to address unemployment and close the skill gap”, added Dar.

The Nashville Cyber Range will serve three primary purposes:

Professional Cyber Defense Training

First and foremost, the Nashville Cyber Range will provide a training ground for cybersecurity professionals from around the Southeast to hone their cyber defense skills in a hyper-realistic simulated environment.  No different than pilots using a flight simulator, simulation training will allow for advanced learning and practice on an ongoing basis, especially as new types of cyber attacks continue to occur.  Structured classes and curriculum taught by industry leaders and “Open Range” time will be available to security teams and individuals.

Higher Education and Workforce Development

Additionally, the Nashville Cyber Range will aid in workforce development both by providing local colleges and universities the ability to augment their cybersecurity curriculum to include hands-on, practical learning in a simulation lab, as well as by helping individuals gain valuable training and experience to be able to enter the workforce and fill otherwise vacant jobs.

Incident Response Simulation Exercises

Finally, executive teams and non-technical stakeholders can participate in incident response simulation exercises to establish and test their preparedness in the event of a cyber attack on their company.

Cloud Range Cyber, LLC is a strategic partner of Israel-based Cyberbit, who developed the Cyberbit Range which is the official training platform for many organizations including the Israeli Defense Force.

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