When responding to a cyber crisis, the C-Suite no longer works in a silo. Executive leadership continuously collaborates with incident response and SOC teams to make well-informed decisions. But tabletop exercises and conventional crisis simulation platforms do not prepare for this new reality. Cyberbit is the only platform that delivers dynamically evolving, hyper-realistic crisis simulations that bring together executive teams and incident response teams. This is the only approach that provides you with the confidence that your organization is fully prepared to respond to a cyber crisis, as one, perfectly functioning team.
Like in real life, and unlike tabletops, exercise outcomes depend on decisions and actions. No two exercises are the same.
Run management-level exercises or plug in a cyber range simulation to include hands-on incident response teams.
Leverage Cyberbit knowhow or customize the exercise to align with your playbooks, policies, and regulation.

Run collaborative exercises

Cyberbit’s crisis simulator is centered around challenges faced by executive leadership. Senior leadership participates in a dynamic exercise and is tasked with solving real-world dilemmas that may also depend on information provided by the cyber defense team, and its performance. By running exercises together, teams achieve exceptional levels of collaboration, and get a sense of what a cyber crisis will look like in real-life.

Encourage communication and teamwork across organizational boundaries

Develop decision-making skills

Optimize decision-making skills like whether to pay ransom by experiencing critical dilemmas before the fact. Exercise in an uncertain, non-deterministic environment where no two exercises are identical to build critical thinking capabilities and achieve exceptional levels of collaboration.


Access an extensive catalog of exercises

The Cyberbit Crisis Simulator includes a catalog of exercises such as ransomware, DoS, supply chain attacks, and more.


Build your own crisis scenarios

Use management tools to create dynamic and adaptive decision trees that simulate different outcomes according to the decisions and actions implemented, inject scenarios with rich media such as voice and video, and customize health metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of your organization’s cross-team collaboration, playbooks, and performance.


Measure executive and SOC team performance from a single dashboard

A single, unified dashboard provides visibility into your entire team’s performance, enabling insights and understanding into technical KPIs like mean time to respond and C-Level decision-making gaps.

Measure executive and SOC team performance from a single dashboard 2

Choose standalone executive exercises or cross-team exercises

Cyberbit’s crisis simulation can be run for executive or senior leadership only or as a cross-team exercise. Cross-team exercises include live-fire attack simulations, and join the leadership team and the SOC team, fostering collaboration and communication across departments.

Choose standalone executive exercises or cross-team exercises 2

Collaborate from any location via our SaaS model

Cyberbit provides the first on-demand crisis simulator that delivers dynamically evolving, hyper-realistic exercises that you can run anytime, anywhere, on-demand to meet ongoing readiness requirements.

Collaborate from any location via our SaaS model
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