For the second time around, Cyberbit Powers Ciber Perseu (CyP) Cyber Range Exercise , the Portuguese Army Cyber Defense exercise, to run the Capture-the-Flag (CTF) Competition.

RA’ANANA, Israel, Nov. 17th, 2022, Cyberbit, provider of the world’s leading cyber readiness and skills development platform, powered the CTF event, which kicked off November 17th, 2022. Located in Portugal, Iberian region, the Portuguese Army performs operational training for cyber defense every year and Ciber Perseu is the annual Portuguese Army Cyber Defense Exercise. It is held on premises and online, and open to both military and civilian organizations from around the world. This was the eleventh edition of Ciber Perseu and the second time that the Portuguese Army partnered with Cyberbit to provide cyber range training for the CyP participants.  

“The annual Ciber Perseu exercise is a great opportunity for those like me, who work in the information technology field, to check their team’s security and cyber defense knowledge and to perform cyber security awareness training for ourselves”, said Captain Filipe João – IT Specialist at Portuguese Army CIS Directorate. “ The Cyberbit Cyber Range Exercise is a user-friendly platform that allowed us to train, compete, and above all, learn. From my point of view, one of the greatest advantages of this platform is that it can be used by a wide range of users, from the most experienced to the most novice, always with assistance and follow up throughout the events. “ 

The Cyberbit Cyber Range Exercise for the CTF competition of CyP22 challenged twenty cyber defense teams in hands-on exercises that assessed their skills by simulating real-world threat vectors in live networks. Challenges included Web traffic analysis, security misconfigurations, privilege escalation, threat intelligence, and more. The competition was powered by the Cyberbit skill development platform, the global leading cyber range and skill development solution used by some of the world’s largest organizations to prepare their cyber defense teams for cyber-attacks, run live-fire simulations, and continuously update and maintain their muscle memory and knowledge of the most recent threats.  

“The experience with Cyberbit’s platform during Ciber Perseu 22 was very positive for my team,” said Carlos Friaças – Head of RCTS CERT at FCCN|FCT – Portugal. “The labs are very well built, and I felt the platform really enables learning in a very easy way. Support during the event was also effective. I experienced this myself when I had network issues and with some quick help from Cyberbit I was able to resume the ongoing lab exercise.“ 

“The mutability and unpredictability of cyberspace is also one of the biggest challenges for the creators of solutions that allow developing and training cyber skills. In this sense, Cyberbit’s solution is a good platform for training and developing the most varied cyber skills, through a methodology centered on labs that allow more effective learning,” said Captain João Bengalinha – Cyber Defense Coordinator at the Portuguese Air Force Staff. “ The participation of the Portuguese Air Force in the CyP year’s edition was a positively challenging and motivating experience. “ 

“The definition of an ideal cyber defender has changed over the last 10 years. Today they must possess the skills of elite first responders,” said Sharon Rosenman, Cyberbit CMO. “We were honored to team up with the Portuguese Armed Forces and provide our platform so teams can assess whether their capabilities fit the new age cyber defender and would like to congratulate the participating organizations’ winning teams, Os Electricos (1st place),  COCiber (2nd place), and RCTS CERT (3rd place), on their achievements”.  

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