Laredo joins leading academic institutions leveraging Cyberbit’s simulation platform to produce graduates prepared for their careers from day-one

Laredo College (LC) and Cyberbit have announced that LC will integrate Cyberbit’s hyper-realistic cyber range and skill development platform into its cybersecurity curriculum. LC security students will leverage the Cyberbit platform to experience real-world threat vectors and attacks they are likely to confront on the job, allowing them to be fully operational and workforce ready upon graduation. LC is focused on preparing its cybersecurity students to enter the workforce, which currently has over 500,000 unfilled positions in cybersecurity.

The Cyberbit platform will provide LC students with an experiential learning experience that includes commercial cyber security tools, enterprise-grade networks live-fire simulated cyber-attacks. By the time they graduate, students will have extensive hands-on experience making them preferred candidates by hiring managers in industry organizations and government agencies.

“The Laredo College and Cyberbit partnership introduces a whole new level of excellence in cybersecurity education and supports LC’s ongoing efforts to tackle the cybersecurity skills shortage”, said Tekuani Perez, Assistant Director of Laredo College’s Cybersecurity Institute. “The hyper-realistic approach will prepare our students for the challenges they will encounter when responding to real-world cyber-attacks, empowering them to compete for the most rewarding positions in cybersecurity.”

“We’re excited to be partnering with Laredo College to deliver work-ready graduates who are prepared to address emerging cybersecurity issues,”, said Susan Green, National Director for Higher Education at Cyberbit. “Cyberbit will help Laredo College, a driving force behind efforts to address the cybersecurity skills shortage, produce experienced, high-performing cybersecurity graduates possessing the technical and soft skills that make them workforce ready and that gives them a decided advantage over other cybersecurity job applicants.”

About Laredo

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