Interview – BCC Grupo Cajamar – ICL

June 8, 2022

Out of over 200 teams, BCC Grupo Cajamar’s cyber defense team, “Blue’s Boys”, was one of only 13 teams to make it to the finals. Last week we spoke with them and they shared their thoughts on the ICL experience.

Some questions that we discussed during the interview :

  • Why is ICL unlike any other cyber tournament they’ve ever done?
  • What did they learn during the process?
  • What’s unique about the Cyberbit platform that was used for the exercises?

The fun: “It was great because we were so excited and extra set on too working on [the ICL].”

The challenge: “We think the competition is hard because the teams are highly qualified, and the exercises are hard.”

The best part: “The best of the ICL [was that we could] work more closely and together as a team and become a better team.”

The difference: “We’ve participated in CTFs. The ICL is better. Other competitions don’t put in you in real situations. The ICL puts you real situations. We have to deal with threats and incident response investigations,. The CTFs and other competitions are more like separate challenges… but [ICL] is much better for IR and SOC daily tasks. We find it very interesting.”

The verdict:  “Highly recommend for everyone – professional SOC or IR teams – because it puts you under real fire, you have to deal with threats in real time. It’s better than any test or training you can do because you have to deal with the threat, answer questions, and apply all the facets of the incident response cycle.”

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